Full Circle Membership

Full Circle members are a special breed. They are reflective, creative, supportive, collaborative, productive, progressive... They have different backgrounds, different nationalities, work in vastly different sectors, but they do agree on why they love us as much as they do.

Three reasons why our members love Full Circle

Our beautiful house to meet up, work, hang out, and relax

Lounge area at Full Circle

Members can drop in anytime with their guests to enjoy our spaces and services.

They also enjoy priority bookings to rent our spaces for private or professional events. 

Our community of engaged members

Four Full Circle members

At Full Circle members meet international, multi-disciplinary people who share a commitment to innovation and are interested in the spread of ideas, intelligent debate, and a link to action. 

Our unique ideas and cultural programme

Four Full Circle speakers

Members have access to our ideas programme that covers a wide range of disciplines and addresses the questions that define our age.

Our cultural programme brings classical music, jazz, art, theatre, dance, and film.

What type of member are you?

We have made our membership even more flexible by offering a monthly subscription plan. 


Access to our extensive ideas and culture programme at reduced rates and with priority booking. 

Members can bring up to two people at member rate. 

15,- / month

or 150,- / year 
(saves 30€)


Same benefits as our IDEAS membership.

Plus evening & weekend access to Full Circle House & services 

60,- / month

or 600,- / year 
(saves 120€)


Same benefits as our AFTERWORK membership.

Plus all-day & everyday access to Full Circle House & services

120,- / month

or 1200,- / year 
(saves 240€)

For more detailed information, have a look at the membership comparison

For details of the Catalyst membership (aged 14-19yrs), click here. 

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