Our purpose

Full Circle is a home for a diverse community of people who contribute to positive change, a platform to connect good ideas with the power to carry them out.

We offer a carefully curated ideas & culture programme and a beautifully designed space where people can meet socially and professionally. 

We want to...

Inspire Brussels to be a thought leader instead of an intellectual backwater. 
We bring out Brussels' thought leader potential by creating a forum that brings together people of many disciplines to spark discussions and to make change move in a positive direction.

Enable Brussels to be a crossroad for new ideas from all over the world. 
We complement the big, slow institutions with a vibrant scene where a global community committed to making a difference can come together to inspire and reinforce one and other. 

Empower Brussels to be a force of change and not just a place for compromise. 
We bring thought leaders from all over the world to Brussels to inspire change leaders and decision makers to take the lead in topics that are defining our age.

We do this by...

Curating content and facilitating encounters. 
We hosts a a variety of events that is radically off the beaten track and aimed at challenging the status quo. It covers a wide variety of topics and speakers from a broad range of disciplines. This allows our members to broaden their thinking and to make connections they were previously unaware of.

Working on a membership basis to allow ruthless independence. 
Our members are people from all walks of life who are resourceful for change. They might be change makers, decision makers, business leaders, activists, or just everyday people with a wide variety of interests. What they share is a commitment to innovation, progress and generally being part of the solution. 

Offering a beautifully designed space; a hybrid between leisure, work, and education. 
We are housed in a state of the arts hôtel de maitre with a 200-seat performance space at the back. It's a friendly and vibrant place between Av. Louise and Flagey where our members and their guests can hang out and meet people, get new ideas and energy, share and create, eat and drink, work or just relax.

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