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    • 24/06/2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC+02:00)
    • Hybrid: At Full Circle AND online

    Catherine Fieschi

    Is Climate Change the next Big Populist Cause? 

    Thur 24 June / Ideas / 6:30 - 8:30 PM

    There is no consensus among Europeans on the need to address climate change. A careful analysis of how protagonists are using social media suggests that not only are they not engaging with each other, but that there is huge potential for climate change policy making in Europe to further fragment our political landscape. Fieschi's latest research suggest that it  could leave the way open for populists to take up the mantle of freedom fighters while climate supporters become more authoritarian. Unpack the meaning and political consequences of the latest research with us. 



    Catherine Fieschi

    Catherine Fieschi is Counterpoint’s Founder and Director. A  leading European politics expert, her main focus is on populism and contemporary forms of mobilisation.

    Having successfully led UK think tank Demos from 2004 - 2008, in2011 Catherine founded Counterpoint with the aim of providing businesses, governments and NGOs with strategic insights on how to manage new forms of social and political risk and their effects on global politics and markets.  Her first objective was to draw attention to the deep social and cultural dynamics that underpin political and security risk but seldom receive the attention they deserve.

    A longstanding adviser to French political leaders and campaigns, she also advises business and political decision-makers around the world and is a senior member the Singapore Government’s Centre for Strategic Futures.



      • 26/06/2021
      • (UTC+02:00)
      • 27/06/2021
      • (UTC+02:00)
      • 5 sessions
      • Full Circle House, Chaussée de Vleurgat 89, 1050, Brussels


      RTBF Festival Musiq3

      In its Premières Scènes, the Festival invites the best chamber music ensembles of the Conservatory (classes of Muhiddin Dürrüoglu, Guy Danel, Alain de Rijckere and Bernard Wolteche) to perform on the Full Circle stage. Among these young musicians, a jury of professionals chooses the Festival Musiq3 Prize, which will perform the following year as part of the Festival.

      Dans ses Premières Scènes, le Festival invite les meilleurs ensembles de musique de chambre du Conservatoire (classes de
      Muhiddin Dürrüoglu, Guy Danel, Alain de Rijckere et Bernard Wolteche) à se produire sur la scène du Full Circle. Parmi ces jeunes musiciens, un jury de professionnels choisit le Prix Festival Musiq3, qui se produira l’année suivante dans le cadre du Festival.

      In de Premières Scènes nodigt het Festival de beste kamermuziekensembles van het Conservatorium (klas van Muhiddin Dürrüoglu,
      Guy Danel, Alain de Rijckere en Bernard Wolteche) om op te treden in Full Circle.
      Een professionele jury zal uit deze jonge muzikanten de winnaar van de Festival Musiq3 Prijs kiezen die volgend jaar tijdens het Festival zal optreden. 

      You can register for one or more concerts, and you can also book in for a Full Circle Afternoon Tea!

      Saturday 26 June

      13:00-14:00 Premières Scenes 1

      15:00-16:00 Premières Scenes 2

      17:00-18:30 Premières Scenes 3

      Sunday 27 June 

      11:00-12:30 Premières Scenes 4

      15:00-16:00 Premières Scenes 5

      17:00 Deliberation Jury

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    22/02/2021 [e-Salon] Roger Kneebone: Understanding the Path to Mastery
    09/02/2021 [e-Salon] Anonymous vs the Alt Right
    28/01/2021 [e-Salon]: Roman Krznaric: How to think long term in a short term world
    13/12/2020 Full Circle's original English Afternoon Tea
    06/12/2020 Full Circle's original English Afternoon Tea
    04/12/2020 Christmas Market
    27/11/2020 [e-Salon] Love Factually with Laura Mucha
    22/11/2020 Full Circle's original English Afternoon Tea
    19/11/2020 [e-Salon] Stephane Detournay: Shedding Light on Black Holes
    12/11/2020 [Chamber Music] None but the Lonely Heart
    08/11/2020 Full Circle's original English Afternoon Tea
    05/11/2020 [Music] Jazz with Pepa Niebla & friends
    01/11/2020 POSTPONED: Off the beaten track with Daria van den Bercken
    29/10/2020 [Chamber Music & Supper] Clarinet Quintets
    25/10/2020 Full Circle's original English Afternoon Tea
    24/10/2020 [Music] Jazz with Pepa Niebla
    22/10/2020 [e-Salon] Tom Holland: Religion & Revolution
    22/10/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    15/10/2020 [Chamber Music & Supper] Goldberg Variations with Sadie Fields
    15/10/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    11/10/2020 Full Circle's original English Afternoon Tea
    08/10/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    02/10/2020 [Salon] Notes on a Murder with Peter Vermeersch
    01/10/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    26/09/2020 Clarinet Trios: Chamber Music Session by Brussels Muzieque
    25/09/2020 Season Launch: 2020- 2021
    24/09/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    17/09/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    03/09/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    30/08/2020 Kalimat: A poetic musical experience & Afternoon Tea
    27/08/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    20/08/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    17/08/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    15/07/2020 [Salon & e-Salon] Poetry with Inua Ellams
    09/07/2020 [Chamber Music]: Solo harp concert with Emma Wauters
    09/07/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar
    01/07/2020 POSTPONED NEW DATE TBC [Salon] The Good State with A.C. Grayling
    01/07/2020 POSTPONED NEW DATE TBC[Salon] Afropean with Johny Pitts
    27/06/2020 Club Dining
    25/06/2020 [Chamber Music] Tchaikovsky: Souvenir d'un Lieu Cher (Hybrid event)
    25/06/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar TONIGHT
    11/06/2020 Full Circle Members' Bar
    28/05/2020 Full Circle VIRTUAL Members' Bar
    25/05/2020 [e-Salon] The Coronavirus Slump: Goodbye rentier capitalism, hello basic income with Guy Standing
    20/05/2020 [e-Concert] Brussels Muzieque platform performs Glière
    14/05/2020 [e-Masterclass] How to Write a Film Score with Nigel Clarke
    07/05/2020 Full Circle VIRTUAL Members' Bar
    30/04/2020 Full Circle VIRTUAL Members' Bar
    28/04/2020 [e-Salon] What can philosophers offer us in confinement times?
    23/04/2020 Full Circle VIRTUAL Members' Bar
    23/04/2020 POSTPONED [Salon] Tales of a Digital Anthropologist with Daniel Miller
    16/04/2020 Full Circle VIRTUAL Members' Bar
    09/04/2020 [e-Salon] After COVID: Can we do things differently?
    26/03/2020 CANCELLED Pop-up Speakeasy Bar
    06/03/2020 [Salon] The Light that Failed with Ivan Krastev
    13/02/2020 Chamber Music Session by Brussels Muzieque
    04/02/2020 [Salon] The Gendered Brain with Gina Rippon
    27/01/2020 [SOLD OUT] The Future of Sapiens with Yuval Harari
    24/01/2020 [Postponed] Classical Music in a Cosy Space with Daria van den Bercken
    07/12/2019 Belgian Design Christmas Market
    28/11/2019 [Salon] Where transparency meets ignorance with Linsey McGoey
    19/11/2019 [Debate] The Future of Work: with robots & basic income, will work become play?
    13/11/2019 [Salon] The Great Economists with Linda Yueh
    06/11/2019 [Salon] The Commons with Michel Bauwens
    24/10/2019 [Live] Chamber Music Session by Brussels Muzieque
    03/10/2019 [Salon] Faith Systems & Identity Politics with Tarek Osman
    25/09/2019 Season 7 Launch
    25/06/2019 [In conversation] A Wasteless Revolution with Tristram Stuart & Sébastien Morvan
    18/06/2019 [Salon] Babel, a Language Tour of the World with Gaston Dorren
    04/06/2019 [Salon] The Economics of Happiness with Andrew Oswald
    20/05/2019 [Salon] In Therapy with Susie Orbach
    14/05/2019 [In conversation] Women Change the World with Helen Pankhurst & Zing Tsjeng
    07/05/2019 [Salon] How to Tell the Truth with Data with David Spiegelhalter
    02/04/2019 [Salon] Improvising Politics on the European Stage with Luuk van Middelaar
    28/03/2019 Triptych #3: Fast-forward Climate Migration
    14/03/2019 [Salon] Philosophy For Life with Jules Evans
    06/02/2019 [Salon] Welcome to the Reputation Age with Gloria Origgi
    25/01/2019 Triptych #2: Techno-migrant
    11/12/2018 [Dinner] Talking to North Korea with Glyn Ford
    07/12/2018 [Members Lunch] How To Get Happy with Hugh Dow
    04/12/2018 [Salon] Doughnut Economics with Kate Raworth
    27/11/2018 [Salon] Thinking the Unthinkable with Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon
    20/11/2018 Triptych #1: Open Borders and the Future of Migration
    08/11/2018 [Salon] How The World Thinks with Julian Baggini
    23/10/2018 [Salon] Against Creativity with Oli Mould
    20/09/2018 [Salon] Belgium, A Utopia For Our Times with Philippe Van Parijs

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