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Full Circle Catalyst (formerly known as Full Circle Millennium or Teenclub), brings together young people from all over Brussels to develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Become one of our community and take part in dynamic debates and stimulating talks. Together we will take the Full Circle mission - to connect ideas with the power to act - and focus on life-changing questions that define our generation.

We have created a programme for the coming Autumn, to stimulate and support each other. Join us on Saturday Sept 25th, and find out more. 

Julius, Stacey & Alix. 

Practical details:
Our activities will take place every Saturday 
from 3 to 6pm, during term-time, at Full Circle House (Elsene-Ixelles, Brussels).
Catalyst is
 open to students from 14 to 19 years old.
Most activities take place in English, with some in French, Dutch and other languages - but all participants can speak their own language. 

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Full Circle Catalyst. Because it's time to...


Continuing Full Circle's mission to connect ideas with the power to act, Full Circle Catalyst offers a bright and nourishing programme that encourages young people to become the change they want to see in the world. Our independent initiative allows students to develop their own blogs and websites, establish charities and bring their ideas to life under the guidance of the Full Circle team.


Debating and discussion activities encourage you to exchange perspectives, stimulating conversations that always bring fresh ideas to light.


At Catalyst your peers share their unique experiences of becoming adults in a modern-day world, finding their passions, managing uncertainties, making tough decisions and surviving a move to independent life!


From Cooking to Body Language trainings, Full Circle Catalysts hosts workshops free for members to attend and emerge as more mature individuals.


Art is not what you see but what you make others see. Together we share the experience of the classics of cinema you always lied you have seen. Then we grab a snack and chat about it on our wonderful house cushions! 

Full Circle Catalyst Programme

Sat 25 Sept.


"Specialisation in school should start early"

Independent Initiative
Help members find their passion project (website/charity/club) and start working on making it happen

Film Classics & Discussion
Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window"

Sat 2nd Oct.


"This House Believes spouses of political figures should not be recognised as public figures"

TeenTalk & Discussion

“How to Prioritise Your Studies?”

Independent InitiativeHelp Members find their passion project 

 Sat 9 Oct.

TedTalk and Debate

“This House Believes employers should not be able to access to applicants' criminal records”


Body Language Training

Independent Initiative

Any questions? Contact us at teamcatalyst@fullcircle.eu 

We would love to hear from you!

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